Cast rolling products

Cast rolling products can directly use aluminum water resources for casting and rolling processing, reducing production costs and further improving production efficiency.

Advantages of cast rolling process

Casting rolling process directly processes liquid aluminum water into casting and rolling coils, shortens the time from aluminum water - casting block - casting block treatment - hot rolling strip, saves casting ingot, sawing, milling, casting block heating, billet opening, hot rolling and other processes, simplifies the production process, shortens the production cycle, and improves labor productivity.

Product Feature

The internal structure of the cast-rolled product belongs to the semi-cast structure, and the crystal has strong directivity. Compared with hot rolling, it has the characteristics of less investment, low cost and high efficiency.

Continuous casting and rolling process

Continuous casting and rolling is the combination of continuous casting and rolling deformation in one process, that is, the casting and rolling process is completed in the rotation of a pair of rollers. At the same time of cooling and solidification, the liquid aluminum is subjected to certain pressure and produces a certain amount of plastic deformation.

Products Range

Alloy Thickness(mm) Width(mm) O.D(mm)
1 series 3.0~12 1300~2800 1200~2600
3 series

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