Hot rolling products

The medium and thick plate products obtained by hot rolling process are widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, car building and other fields.

Advantages of hot rolling process

In the process of large plastic deformation, the internal structure has undergone many times of recovery and recrystallization, the coarse grain in the casting state is broken, and the microscopic cracks are healed, so that the homogenization of the internal structure of the blank, the size and shape of the grain, the change of the concentration of the point defect and the line defect are significantly improved, and the processing performance of the metal is greatly improved. Especially in deep drawing performance, hot rolled materials have incomparable advantages over cast-rolled materials.

Product quality is guaranteed

The advanced equipment introduced in the production line, such as hot rolling mill, drawing machine, ultrasonic flaw detection and conductivity detection, provides a strong guarantee for the production of high-quality products. By using regenerative heating furnace, roller bottom quenching furnace and aging furnace, the aluminum plate is heated more evenly and the performance is more stable.

Advanced equipment from cooperative manufacturers

The production equipment used by our cooperation manufacturers are world-class, such as the introduction of advanced 1+1+4 hot continuous rolling mill units, 1+5 hot continuous rolling mill units, all hot finishing mill frames have adopted CVC shape control technology, which can provide the best hot rolled strip to produce high-quality aluminum alloy materials for aerospace and shipbuilding and chemical industry.

Products Range

Products Alloy Thickness(mm) Width(mm) O.D(mm)
Hot rolled coil 1~8xxx 3.0~12 1300~2800 1200~2600
Hot rolled plate 1~8xxx Max.260 800~4300 1000~38000

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